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Texas Callers' Prestige Award Recipients


Welcome to the Texas State Callers' Prestige Award Recipients Page. It is here that we proudly recognize Texas Callers who have called for more than 20 Years in Texas and contributed to the overall success of Square Dancing in Texas. We honor their achievements, thank them for their contributions, and award them special recognition by their peers. 


These recipients have displayed true leadership and professionalism in Square Dance Calling.  They have held offices in local, state and/or national callers' associations. They have fostered cooperative relationships with fellow dancers and callers.  The have consistently applied the TSCA and CALLERLAB Code of Ethics. Many have called for the same club 20 years or more, worked with exhibitions, wheelchair dancers, etc. Many have contributed 100 or more hours calling square dance parties and demonstrations for church groups, school classes, state fairs, festivals and nursing homes, etc.  They have also taught classes to bring numerous new dancers into our Square Dance Activity.  These callers are among the best that Texas has to offer. 


Click on the name of a caller in the list to go to their individual biographical page. You will see why they deserved this recognition. There is a link there to add your own comments about that caller. Add your own personal stories for the caller. Help us build a fascinating retrospect of their calling career in the words of dancers and callers who had the pleasure of working or dancing to them. Please help build up a lasting legacy. 

The Texas Callers' Prestige Award Recipients


Name                                                                   Date Inducted

Geen, John                                                     January 28, 2017

Hendricks, Barry                                           February 6, 2016

Jones, Vernon                                                   March 15, 2010

Kephart, John                                                October 10, 2020

Lynn, Jerry *                                                           May 31, 2013

Smith, Rick                                                      January 15, 2016

Snaples, Noble*                                                     May 21, 2011

Tyl, Tim                                                               March 15, 2010

Warner, Noble "Big Noble"*                         October 15, 2012


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